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Thursday, September 02, 2021


Once upon a time, a long distance phone call used to be a rare occasion due to the expense. So I wrote letters--real, handwritten breezy little missives--to my near and dear to keep in touch. I wrote to my brother and his wife. I wrote to my aunt. I wrote to my parents and my sisters when I was in Italy one summer. When I returned home, my mother handed me all the letters I had written to her. What a treasure!

Many years ago before she died, my mother found another letter tucked away somewhere and gave it to me. I had written to Mom and my sister when they were visiting my grandmother in western Pennyslvania. I had written it only a few weeks before my hubby and I were married. Using a fountain pen and my best handwriting, I rambled on about the bargains I had found such as my white, wedding shoes for $9.

I told them about the bedroom furniture arriving in the house hubby and I would soon share. I had spent the whole day waiting for the furniture to arrive and had met one of the neighbors.

Then I told them about the wedding shower hubby's family gave me in Brooklyn. I listed all the wonderful gifts I received, but I knew very few people in his family at that time and told my mother I felt like an orphan since none of my own family was there. (A few weeks later, my family threw another shower for me.)

Reading the letter, I realize now how young and naive I was. I have changed--a bit. 😁

Too bad very few people write letters anymore. E-mail is not quite the same.


MarkD60 said...

Nobody writes letters anymore.
I remember my Grandparents handwriting. My Grandfather was born in 1895, and in his mind, paper was expensive and rare, and he didn't waste an inch. One Grandmother had beautiful handwriting, while the other had such shakey hands that you could barely read what she wrote.
I remember getting love letters when I was at sea in the Navy....
No email could replace what is gone.

Penelope Marzec said...


It is sad that nobody writes letters. They are true treasures.