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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stroking My Ego

I received two more terrific reviews on "Prince of the Mist" yesterday--one with 5 Coffee Cups from the Coffee Time Romance review site, and a 4.5 review from the Romance Junkies' site. Getting wonderful reviews is one of the perks of writing. I get my ego stroked and I feel absolved from the responsibility for the layers of dust in my house.

Writing each of my books has been a long process with lots of hours spent in a chair in front of the computer. For me it has meant not watching television, not going out to lunch, ignoring friends, and being in a fog most of the time whenever one of my family members is talking to me--although my family has gotten rather used to it. They can tell when I'm not "in the real world."

My writer friends all talk about "filling the well"--that's what we do in between writing projects. For me, it mostly means cleaning the house as well as contacting all the people I have ignored while I've been submerged in my fictional world.

So fueled by my great reviews, I'll tackle some of that dust today. No doubt, some other story idea will attack me while I'm dusting though. I'm at the mercy of my muse.


Anonymous said...

Great review at Coffee Time Romance. I could not find the review for Prince of the Mist at Romance Junkies, only The Company You Keep.

Don't be shy. Post the links to your reviews. :)

Jodie said...

Congratulations! If you need even more inspiration, I have PLENTY of dust to share. :D

Leann said...

Wow, if dusting gives you inspiration and gets the muse going, maybe I need to spend more time cleaning? NAH!! LOL