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Monday, May 02, 2005

Homemade Music

We visited with my hubby's nephew and family this past weekend. The nephew's daughter was to receive her First Communion. We drove five hours in the pouring rain on Saturday and arrived in time for take-out pizza. We stayed at the house and slept in the First Communicant's bed. Oh well. She didn't seem to mind.

We haven't seen the nephew and his wife in a year, so it was nice to catch up. The conversation flowed, helped by generous servings of wine.

The most unusual part of the visit was how truly fascinated the children were by my husband's accordion playing. The night we arrived, my hubby pulled out the accordion and proceeded to go through his usual repetoire. The kids rearranged the furniture in the living room to resemble something more like a theater.

The next day, after the First Communion, the kids clamored for my hubby to put on another show. The kids and their small guests watched in fascination as my hubby entertained. Some of the adult guests enjoyed the music, too.

My hubby loves an audience. He used to play the organ at church for a while--that way he had a captive audience. However, these youngsters who listened with such rapt attention made him very happy.

I wonder if any of them will ever be inspired to play an accordion.


Leann said...

They look like they are all enjoying it! A captive audience is the best kind :-)

I believe it is good they got the exposure to something other than the standard musical instruments. Accordian playing is an art and you don't see or hear it much anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see children appreciating and enjoying a person's talent.

There are so many untalented entertainers geared towards today's children. It seems that creative marketing is all that is needed to succeed.

It is refreshing to know true talent can still be appreciated.

Your husband must have felt great watching the children as he played. It must have made driving in the rain for five hours worthwhile.

Penelope Marzec said...

Even though they were kids, the fact that they paid attention did wonders for his ego.

It amazed me, too. Most kids today seemed glued to their television programs.

reggie said...

Leann has a point--accordians are kind of a novelty, now!! (unless we are tripping over them....*grins!*)