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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Some Creep Stole My Car Radio

There are mean people in this world--nasty, rotten low-life thieves who have no qualms about taking what they want. One of those creeps ran off with my car radio and CD player. Inside the CD player was my favorite Dixie Chicks CD. None of my other CDs were taken. I guess the creep does not have the same musical interests as I do.

The day started out so well. I had no idea some miscreant would have a hankering for my car radio. At 7:45 a.m. this morning, I pulled into the parking lot of a very nice hotel. I was excited about attending a writers' workshop. I parked my car as close to the front of the hotel as possible--which was not all that close but in a direct line of sight to the entrance.

I spent the day happily drinking in tips on writing. The presentation was terrific and sparked a lot of good ideas that will help me in editing my own book.

At 4 p.m. when the workshop ended, I went back to my car. I opened the door to find the car radio gone. Where the radio used to be was a big empty space with wires hanging out. The plastic trim around the radio had been tossed on the passenger seat. The glove compartment had been opened, but the hoodlum did not snitch the two maxipads. This was a rather upsetting experience. I never had anyone steal my car radio until today. I suddenly did not feel very safe in the middle of the parking lot.

I went back into the hotel. They wrote up a report and called the police for me. A young, but good-looking policeman arrived and looked at my car. He said whoever took the radio, popped the lock on the door to open my car. He seemed surprised that the radio had been stolen in broad daylight. He got back into his car, tapped my phone number into his laptop, and asked a few more questions. He handed me a Post-It note with the phone number of the police department and the number and my case number. In two business days, I can get a copy of the report, which I can then give to my insurance agent.

I got back into my car while the police officer was still there. I worried whether the engine would start, but it did.

So now I'm wondering what good is locking the door of the car if thieves can easily pop the lock? Why bother?

I'm Catholic and I know I have to forgive the thug. I have prayed for him--so he better watch out, his conscience will be bothering him soon. Hopefully, he'll reconsider before he breaks into someone else's car.

Still, one good thing came out of the incident. If I need to put a young, but good-looking policeman into one of my novels it won't be a problem to dream him up.


Leann said...

I'm wondering if your car was the only one with a stolen radio. And why your car and not one of many others? Raises some interesting questions doesn't it?

I'm sorry to hear it happened tho. I had the very same thing happen in my car. It was an OLD mustang and not in great shape. the only thing good in it was the radio. guess that was incentive enough.


Penelope Marzec said...

As I left the hotel, I noticed a sign declaring that the hotel was not responsible for articles left in the car. I suspect my stolen radio might not be an unusual occurence there.

Leann said...

Well, that definetly was a telling sign wasn't it?