Friday, June 07, 2013

Fine Tuning

The manuscript for Daddy Wanted is going through fine tuning. I got it back this week for a final look. There were still a few things that needed to be worked out. Is it knock off or knockoff? Do I use asterisks or a double-double space for a scene change? And what else can you call an Android phone besides an Android phone? Touchscreen smartphone?

These are minor fixes. I should be done by tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.

However, less than twenty-four hours after the final galley for Daddy Wanted arrived in my inbox, the edits for The Pirate's Wraith showed up. Aaargh!

Daughter #1 congratulated me.

But I'm feeling a bit stressed. :-(


MarkD60 said...

Pirates Wraith sounds good to me, wait, I have to go look up Wraith, I thought it was Wrath...

ooksbio scamp

Penelope Marzec said...

Did you see the Lord of the Rings? The terrible Ringwraiths in the movie were very scary!

Here's the definition of WRAITH (from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary):

1a: the exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death as an apparition

b: ghost, specter

2: an insubstantial form or semblance : shadow

3: a barely visible gaseous or vaporous column