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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dead Pictures

This is a photo of Babci and Dziadzi taken last July. Dziadzi looks good for a 94 year old. At Dziadzi's wake, Babci wanted photos taken of her husband in the coffin. I handed my camera to hubby and he took the pictures his mother wanted.

Evidently, taking post mortem photos is an old tradition in hubby's family. The photos are always sent to the remaining relatives in Poland. Personally, I like to remember the way people look when they are alive. However, taking photos of the dead was quite popular during the Victorian Era. Check out this link on Wikipedia.

We have plenty of photos of Dziadzi when he was hale and hearty, as a handsome young man, as a playful grandfather, and in a thoughtful mood. He was a good man.

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