Friday, July 11, 2014

The Popularity of Free Books

After the Storm was written as a round robin by six of the Prism Book Group authors. From the first, it was offered as a free promotion for Prism Book Group. It is the second story in a series of round robin stories. The first book in the series is Lightning Strikes. The last book is A Blizzard Wedding.  All can be found at

Currently After the Storm has 112 reviews on Amazon. (Most of them are favorable.)

It is #1,153 in free Kindle books. It is #2 in Christian Collections & Anthologies. It is #9 in Kindle Short Reads. According to the Kindle Sales Rank Calculator, 55 to 100 copies of the book are downloaded each day.

If I sold that many copies of any of my books, I would be rich. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who read free books but are loath to pay for books. Publishing is a tough business. Writing books is not a sure fire way to become wealthy.

Nevertheless, I wonder how many of the people who downloaded After the Storm have ever purchased any of the books from Prism Book Group. Those statistics would be interesting to see. :-)

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