Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting Back My Rights

In eleven more days, on March 31st, 2015, the rights for my three Crescent Moon Press books will be returned to me. I intend to reissue the books on my own. (Big bargains coming your way!) I bought the covers for The Company You Keep and Kiss of Blarney, but plan to work on a different cover for Irons in the Fire, which is too dark. Book covers which are too dark don't get noticed--especially if they are one-inch high on Amazon.

I plan to reissue the books in the same manner I handled Prince of the Mist. First I'll upload them to Kindle, and then to Smashwords, so they'll also be available at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and basically the rest of the world.

I am debating whether it's worth it to get print copies. I did print for Prince of the Mist, and a few of them have sold--at a rock bottom price, of course, but it is a short book. The other books are longer and would cost more. Paper is not cheap.

It may take a while for me to get the books online again. I have to gear up for the release of Patriot's Pride in June and I am seeking a publisher for Outside Blessings, the YA story I just finished writing.  Nevertheless, I will do my best to make the books available as soon as possible.

The other authors at Crescent Moon Press have been fun to work with. We ran blog tours. I read their books and they read mine. I wish them all success in their future endeavors, because they are all wonderful authors and really know how to tell stories.

Selling books is a tough business, but having authors for friends--even if I've only met them online--is great!


RTrogner said...

Hi Penelope,

I'm not doing print copies for mine. I don't get enough sales that way.

Penelope Marzec said...


I sell very few print copies, but there are some folks who absolutely refuse to read anything but print. Also print copies are nice to have at a book signing. :-)

So I will continue to thing about it. LOL!