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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Curse or Fiend?

I've been working on book #10, the one I originally titled The Fiend of White Buck Hall. However, now I'm thinking of changing the name. How does The Curse of White Buck Hall sound to you? The Lord of White Buck Hall is out because the book is set in New Jersey in 1897 and at this point in the story I do not want to work up an entirely new biography for the hero. I thought The Master of White Buck Hall might work, but Daughter #1 said people might think it was a book about BSDM, which is most definitely is not.

Any comments or thoughts on the title will be appreciated. :^)



Unknown said...

I do not know what BSDM is....but I do like the title The Curse of...because the curse sound intriguing.

Deb Rosenthal

Doris Booth, CEO said...

I agree with Deborah. The Curse of White Buck Hall isn't a bad title.


Leann said...

I agree with Curse being a better choice.

I too have no idea what BSDM is.