Friday, April 17, 2009


I wore my New Jersey Romance Writers shirt today with the Put Your Heart in a Book logo on it. When I put on my NJRW T-shirt, I feel like Superwriter. I haven’t been able to go to a writers’ meeting in a few months, but I am going to go tomorrow. And then I am going to finish my work-in-progress!

I went back to work this week—after three weeks away. Two weeks were for spring break, and I did get some writing done that first week as well as put together the book video for The Beast of Blackbirch Manor—but during the second week Daughter #2 had her surgery and much of the third was spent going back and forth to the hospital.

So despite the time away from work, I really didn’t feel rested. However, I got back into the routine right away and was happy to see the kiddies again—though only one said she missed me. :^(

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Leann said...

It's difficult to accept that they do just fine without us :-)