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Friday, November 16, 2007

Me and My Osteopenia

After a recent bone scan my doctor informed me that I have osteopenia--something I had never heard of until now. Evidently, it's the level of the loss of bone density before osteoporosis sets in.

Risk factors include being white, thin (until I went through menopause I was thin), inactive (I sit when I write), and a diet low in calcium and vitamin D (I'm not fond of milk). There are other risk factors as well but those don't apply to me.

My doctor told me to up my calcium, vitamin D, do weight resistant exercises, and take Boniva.

Boniva made me sick. I wasted a weekend feeling like death.

I told the doctor I did not want to take that stuff again. So she told me that I should continue the calcium, D, exercises--and take magnesium. That intrigued me. Why hadn't she mentioned it before? I looked it up online and found that studies have indicated the importance of magnesium in bone density.

Not only is magnesium way less expensive than Boniva, I also discovered that magnesium has a salutary effect on high blood pressure as well.

Naturally, my doctor warned that if I don't make any progress on my current regimen, it's back to the Boniva. Ugh.


Leann said...

It's nice to know that Boniva can make one so ill. I'm fortunate in that genetics show I have a slim chance of getting Osteoparosis. I try to take the Viactin for calcium and vitamin D tho. That helps. Not one to tempt

MarkD60 said...

Try Soymilk! There's Silk brand and 8th Continent brand. I like 8th Continent, but my girlfriend likes Silk, so that's what we buy. There is Plain, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Silk brand has all different types like special for Bone Health, extra Fiber and extra anti-oxidants.
The 8th Continent Chocolate is the best tasting stuff on earth.
I don't work for them, but maybe I should!
Try it, you'll like it!

Penelope Marzec said...

Daughter #2 told me she likes vanilla soymilk. Maybe I'll give it a try, she said it can also lower cholesterol.